Oil Field Ferry

Today in Graphic Design class I created this livery! For a charter helicopter company called “Tigershark” (fictional). Let me know what you thought of livery / pics!

I flew from KSNA to two separate oil rigs off the coast of Huntington Beach. Farthest first, then stopped at the other on the way back.

Simulator: X-Plane 11
Aircraft: Sikorsky S-76
Time: 4:00 PM PST

Parked at SNA.

Airborne to the first rig!

Landing on the first and farthest platform.

Quick turnaround and I’m already out for number two.

Approach and landing to number two.

Back to SNA!

Aaaand landed.

Hope you liked them!

Zac I can’t record the thing for a bit


Thanks for letting me know.


tbh blue or blueish grey wouldve looked better

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green and pink

bruh what

idk i think it would be awesome

uh nah tbh

ye tbh

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