~ My Return! ~ VFR Mt. Rainier

Hello WFC! If you know, I haven’t been playing IF for a month; but today I made my return to IF with some gorgeous VFR around Mt. Rainer in a Analogue C172.

Hope you enjoy my original topic here :slight_smile:


im gauging on likes, if I reach my goal I will post on the IFC :upside_down_face:



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You have replied to every post… hmmm…

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I replied to every topic here

I always do that

But it’s really amazing

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Wait, you flew GA all the way from Baltimore over to Washington (Seattle) and all the way back to Baltimore?

No sorry, meant BoeingField (KBFI)

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Wow! I never realized how nice those gauges look in the dark :star_struck:

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Nice screenshot!!!

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If you can fly that thing, your special :rofl:

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Ah yes, the good old 172. I should really fly that more often.

Nice pictures!

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