Merry Christmas From WFC

Today we celebrate Christmas, a time of joy, fun, bonding, festive foods, lights, and many more. :christmas_tree:

Though this year has been challenging, I would like to thank @CaptainZac for creating this community that has made my 2020 memorable. :world_flying:

As we approach the end of this year, I would like to thank everyone in this community for their hard work, dedication, support, and services provided to this forum. Time has flown by very fast, and WFC celebrates its two month anniversary! :clap: With this, Zac has just announced a wonderful new feature that is currently being beta tested. We hope that you all continue to show love to WFC like always. :small_blue_diamond:

From the staff team, I would like to thank you all. Everyone’s participation to this forum is appreciated, and it doesn’t go in vain. WFC Awards had made sure that everyone gets the appreciation they deserve, and all the members do. :raised_hands:

If you have not received an award, please don’t worry! You still have many opportunities in the coming future. :large_blue_circle: We are very proud of all the activities shown by members, and we hope that this will increase over time.

Hmm, words are not enough to thank all of you but we send you our love for Christmas and for 2021! :airplane:

Thank you all staff members for keeping this community in good hands and making it safe for the members. Our staffs are the very honored by the work of Zac and the work of everyone. :smiley:

Our Staff

Previous Staff

*Wishing y’all the best 2021 possible, have a great time everyone and we hope to bring new projects to you very soon. Our wishes are all with you forever! Thank you so much for being part of the WFC.

Made with the help of @CaptainZac and @Z-Tube


Merry Crisis everyone!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!


Lets hope 2021 will be better than 2020


Thanks for jinxing it (jk).


Thanks and Merry Christmas

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas!