MAE ripoff, but better

That varies. From the station until the Dubuque canyon, you’ll probably be doing 65mph. In the canyon, you’re 50 tops. Once you get out of the canyon, you’ll do about 80mph until you hit Glenwood. After that, you won’t exceed 60, and that drops to probably 40 or 45 in the mountains.

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I didn’t want ase in particular I just need an airport in the mountains

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sure l’ll go to GJT, can GJT take a daily 737 max 8?

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HSR is almost complete
Sleeper services are next
After that its slower intercity services
Then its intracity trains
Then metros
Then tram
Then luxury services
Then those feeder road-trains

Most trains are Japanese (obviously, they do this the best)
rest are locally produced by ICF at Chennai

(for the HSR)

i think so


Easily. We’ve gotten AF1 irl, and in this I’ve got flights with the 767 from there.

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