MAE ripoff, but better

  1. All intrastate flights have been banned unless the airline manages to fill their planes above 75% capacity
  2. EV subsidies have been taken back
  3. New laws for disposal of EV batteries have been formed
  4. The tax on ATF has been reduced to 5%, which means cheaper flight tickets
  5. If an airline overbooks a flight, it’ll have to pay a fine of 2x the money earned from overbooking
  6. The ASF, RPF and Transit Police have been given special training related to their fields of work
  7. All private flights within the country have been banned. Take a train or smth
  8. SpiceJet will be heavily monitored for the next few months, and if any incident takes place, then they’ll be grounded till they fix their issue (and their finances lol)
  9. The Army will be getting 60 more AH-64E’s
  10. The ITBP will conduct border patrols with anti-aircraft weapons
  11. The AFSOD will be deployed for some secret stuff :wink:
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Automatic Transmission Fluid tax?


Aviation Turbine Fuel

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Eurotrans is ordering 5 sleeper train sets of 9 Siemens Viaggio’s and 1 WAP-7 each.

Indian Railways has been granted permission by DB to use their Metropolitan train’s cabcar design for LHB coaches and also permission to run ICE services using T18 sets (T18Gen2A).

New double deck IC sets

VB Gang

IR has ordered 40 IR250 sets to replace old WAP-5 sets for Rajdhani.


Old :

we have decided to pay FAs and Pilots from 1h from before scheduled departure time, at 70% of their normal pay. and we have also decided to make other quality of life improvements for crew. like extremely good benefits


cool :slight_smile:

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fun times, i love flags

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whats your fleet

might be this

Which airline?

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how many do you have lol

And in which airline?

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We have multiple branches

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List them then