London Heathrow Ground & Tower Timelapse

London Heathrow Ground & Tower Timelapse


Hey guys! I’ve been inspired by the wonderful @ShaneAviation to begin making timelapse videos to share my busy IFATC sessions.

Today’s video features EGLL, one of the busiest airports in Infinite Flight. I controlled it on Sunday, November 1st, 2020, and had a blast. I was open for 1 hour and 37 minutes before handing it over to @Finn-14. Additionally, I’d like to thank @AsternAviation and @Andrew_Swift for radar services!


Opened: 18:41:22Z
ATIS Quebec Published: 18:45:30Z
Heathrow Director Controller Change: 19:30:00Z - 19:32:00Z
ATIS Romeo Published: 19:42:25Z
EGLL GTS Over to @Finn-14: 20:18:32Z

Total Aircraft: 850
Total Messages: 866
Recording Time: 01:37

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 9.35.59 PM

Be sure to let me know if you see yourself in this video. I know I saw a lot of familiar faces. Feedback is accepted and appreciated, as well! :grin:


Nice video! Unfortunately, I may have to give it a dislike due to the fact that you removed all your older videos from YouTube. That is a really big disappointment, they were so embarrassing, and I am really disappointed that I will never see those again. I could’ve use those against you in so many ways, but you took them down. I have a red button next to your name, and I’m seriously thinking about using it. I may have to report you to YouTube for doing that. I’m just kidding btw


Aw man

as pewds says “MARZIA CHECK WHATSAPP”, I say “mods check raw”, so please, mods check raw

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How about Training Server​:joy::joy:

How do you record these kind of timelapses?

What are you saying? I don’t understand :thinking:

He used to have all the videos of him as a kid, he deleted them and replace them with this


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Nice timelapse! :heart_eyes:

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Haha. I still have them; I just made them private. Also, please don’t use that read button. :pleading_face:


Haha. EGLL in TS is and always will be a disaster.

You have to screen record the replay. That’s the longest part. :sweat_smile:

Thanks, @GBKarp!

A seal of approval from Sam? Damn, I must be a lucky guy. Thanks, Sam!

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