Just some pics from today’s flight


Today, I will show you some pics on my flight from EGLL to RJTT.

Here we are parked at the gate. I don’t know what happened, but I waited for 30 mins for pushback clearance.

After that dilemma, we taxied to RW34L

Here is a shot of me taking off.

During our climb, we experienced 120 knot winds, so that was a bit scary.

We cruised through the night. Here we are over Siberia.

After 10 hours we began our descent. This is RJTK from 1000 ft.


Here we are parked at the international terminal.


Nice photos, well done

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Rip Rednose :cry:


Nice photos! Norwegian dosen’t fly to LHR and dosen’t fly over Russia, also don’t fly to HND

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Good point, but there was no ATC at Gatwick, and I like landing at RJTT.

so sue me XD.

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