JetBlue Unveils Mint Studio - New Business Class

JetBlue Unveils Mint Studio

JetBlue has announced a new business class product to help them so transatlantic. They chose a large studio in a 1-1 configuration. It looks stunning. What are your thoughts?
image image image image image

Video available ^

Dam, love at first site! Do they fly to London?

Not yet. It will hopefully towards the end of the year

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Sign me up baby

If they start flying to Brazil as well

wouldn’t be a bad idea tbh

The bulkhead seats look really nice

Looks cool!
Too bad if I flew them I’d have to have 2 connections :joy:

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Man, looks great! I would say that product is better than AAs Business Class and definetly BAs old club world, although I think true United Polaris and DeltaOne Suites look better, got to wait and see!

Uh, no no no, 3 differences.
-Smaller Food Portions
-desk space is smaller

What are you referring to?

American Airlines Business class. Are you referring to the 777 version or 787 version?

It’s the same seat though…

(Except for the weird configuration on the 788)

Those other airlines need to step up their game.

I mean, yeah but think:

Delta launched their DeltaOne Suites in 2018
United launched Polaris in 2016
Virgin Atlantic launched Upper Class Suites in 2019
British Airways launched their Club World Suites in 2019
American Airlines launched their current Business Class in 2014, but I believe they are updating it a little with their new 787s (apperantly some minor touch ups and a door)


More privacy mainly.

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