Infinite Flight 22.1 Update Tracking and Speculation Thread

Infinite Flight 22.1 Update Tracking and Speculation Thread

Welcome to the 22.1 Tracking and Speculation thread!

In this topic, feel free to post updates regarding anything concerning the update.

Confirmed Airports & Features

Animated Jet Bridges

Tom Bradley International Terminal (KLAX)

Custom Tower (KLAS)

Innsbruck Airport (LOWI)

Notice for TL3/4s

Edit the topic when a new livery, 3D airport, or more information regarding the update is confirmed.


It looks like some major airports are ready to ship, such as:

  • Sheremetyevo
  • New Delhi
  • Shanghai
  • Helsinki
  • Grand Canaria
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Toulouse
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Milan/Malpensa
  • Barcelona
  • Jakarta

Remember this is unconfirmed, so some of these airports may release over the course of a few updates, or all in the next


DIAP (Abidjan) :cote_divoire: is also on there, in case you didn’t notice

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This is speculation thread too so yeah whatever lol

Shanghai, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, and something that looks like Tokyo is also on the list.

HD image

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Innsbruck 3D


Finally something good!