If You Owned an Airline, What Would it Look Like?

If you were the CEO of any airline, fictional or real, how would you run it and how would said airline be structured. Some examples would be what fleet you’d have, destinations, main ideals surrounding the airline, etc.

It would be an international airline, with the best legroom, free entertainment, free snacks, free seat selection, $20 for bags, one free carry-on, a business class cabin on most international flights, so much the structure of how JetBlue is, just work on an international scale

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May I be the first passenger to fly on your airline? :rofl:

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GA short hops!

with TBM and C208’s

One way charge no baggage charge

It would be exactly like my VA access Air

First off Main hub In Bermuda, Majority of the Fleet is a320s, e190e2 and a220’s

I would use the a220 to fly to Many Caribbean islands such as Sint Marteen and the Bahamas. I could also use them to fly to smaller airport with less demand on the east cost like Jacksonville
and Savannah , this could also be done by the e190e2, those flights would also not be daily they would operate as one flight a day to one destination, back to Bermuda to another destination and then back to Bermuda for the day, the next day the plane would fly to two different destinations and then the next day it would go back to the first two.

The a320s would be used to rival other carries that fly to Bermuda such as American Delta and JetBlue by using it to flying to the destinations they fly to to try to get them to leave Bermuda (unless I join sky team, then Delta can stay)

However the majority of the fleet And the flagship will be the a321neo Xlr, I would use it to Fly direct Tocqueville west coast of the US form Bermuda to key cities such as LA, Sanfransico, and Seattle.
The plane would also be used to fly to Europe to cities such as Paris, Rome, Frankfurt and London and much more British cities, they would have low flat business class seats, economy + and basic economy
The flights on the a321neo xlr would be business traveler focused so they would have quite about of business class seats, as in most cases the people here are the ones traveling for business trips, but the flights from Europe would be equal between passenger an business and any flights from Brittany are considers domestic as Bermuda is an overseas British territory so hopefully people would fly to Bermuda instead of going to places like Greece.
The a320 and a220 would be in Economy + and basic Economy as the would only be 1:30 to 3:30 hour long flights

The airline would operate pretty almost identically to JetBlue, just focused on Bermuda connection to Europe and the west coast of the Us


Geez that’s detailed

Mine would be long haul Ryanair but with free food and more legroom


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yeah, I’ve thought about it over the course of a few years now, my plan in the first place was to fly to the west coast from bermuda, then it was to fly to more european cities. The like two years later I thought of using the a220 or the e190 e2 to fly to smaller cities on the east cost because i just got back from savannah georgia and we almost missed our connection in ATL. OF course then I thought of the a320’ because I had to serve the larger cities.
Then i thought yesterday, hey why not serve the caribbean as well.

I even had a few potential livery designs but I couldn’t find them.

International+domestic airline in Canada with CRJ, Airbus A320 and B777

Airport hub: Main CYWG, CYYZ, CYVR and CYYC







Cabin configuration

Premium economy is by reservation only and costs $220.
Economy is a first come=better seats basis. Costs $190.
Premium is $30 more because you get an IFE screen, actual snacks, more room.
Economy only gets an IFE on a flight that is more than 3 hours long.


Boeing and Airbus carbon liveries with a big ZAir on it.

Airline name


Possible route expansion

I might possibly expand to flying to Europe after I have been around for quite awhile.



Possible Codeshares

I would like to get a codeshare with Southwest, and Delta.

Salaries per year

First Officer: 55K
Captain: 80K
Rookie Flight Attendant: 30K
Senior Flight Attendant: 50K
Maintenance: 40K
Gate attendant: 40K
Everyone else gets 40K per year.

Please note that these salaries are only estimates. Depending on how the airline is doing they might go up or they might go down.

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