Etihad Adds Service To Beijing

I mean… That’s literally it. It’s so self-explanatory that I can’t really write anything because it’s too self-explanatory.

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Great news

Very interesting (I guess?) Im trying to think of something to write but uh, yeah.

I’ve got nothing to say, except… never in a million years would this be approved on the IFC.

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This isn’t the ifc tho soooooooooooo

ThAt’S mY pOiNt.


I mean, if I’m stupid when I have to write those things for the IFC… It’s literally just me restating what the title is. There’s literally nothing more to say than they launched a new route

I’m going to try to add these exact words on the IFC just to see if the mods PM me

And done, let’s see what happens

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I’ll be waiting

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Is this going to Daxing or Capital?

We would assume capital

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So, any news of whether or not the IFC mods bombarded you with warnings about a 5 word topic?

No I think they declined it

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