Domestic vs. International Travel (Electoral Map)

Hey WFC! I wanted to make a poll with the Electoral College Map since its fun to see who will win.
I decided to make the debate on which type of travel people prefer. So it’s between Domestic Travel (within a country and its territories) or International Travel.
Please make sure you choose your home state, if your home state is already chosen, please pick a bordering state. If neither option is available please pick a state with the same starting letter as your home state If you have any questions please let me know!
I will update the map accordingly.

Domestic: RED
International: BLUE

First to 270 wins!


Texas Blue.

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I’ll update it tomorrow after more results :joy:

okie dokie.

Florida blue


@Californian_Aviator might have to update it now that Zac has posted here. :joy:

If I am not from the US (Which I am) Do I choose a random state?


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Me thinking you were in Hong Kong.

If I am not from the US

That shows that I am not

I’m stupid. I’m all confused.

What states have you been too :joy:

I’ve never been outside the US, (atleast, since I was 2), so, just from experience, Colorado can be whatever the domestic color is.

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New York
Washington (state)

I couldn’t find the editable map :joy:

Pick an avalible one. Aso i updated the map for you :slight_smile:

I got it. dw

Hawaii since it has an H and so does Hong Kong :joy:

Nut it has no electral votes. Only 4. Pick pennsylvania!!!


I’ll take Hawaii International

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What is the thing that does this electoral map again?