Design your own airline or repaint a livery!

Design your own airline or repaint a livery!

Credit: Me

This is a thread for designing your own livery or recreating a livery from an airline! I got my inspiration from the IFC’s version of this.
Before you post, please remember the following rules:

  • Designs must be of high quality
  • Hand-drawn pencil or pen designs on paper are not permitted
  • Please be open to feedback and constructive criticism
  • You must post a media-based design. Text only is not allowed
  • The design cannot be on an Infinite Flight photo. It must be a third party template
  • You must include the following when you post your design:
  1. Name of the airline
  2. Location of, and credit to, the original template and its author
  3. The credits to any logos, art, or other media you use in the design
  4. A short detailed explanation that describes your design

Templates and softwares
I recommend using MED’s templates when designing a livery.
There are lots of good designing softwares you can use to make a livery, but the ones I recommend are:
Adobe Photoshop

Have fun!

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