Delta crj-900 trip report KLGA-KSTL

I did a couple flights when I was banned and this was the first one expected more within 2 weeks

So I am flying from LaGuardia for the first time since 2008/09. Sometime around then, but I heard they were redoing the terminal so maybe it wouldn’t suck?
I was flying with delta and half of their terminal is getting redone so it kinda did but I flew economy plus so it made up for it.

THis was my flight

Wing view from gate, we are at gate 30

Take off footage was dookie cause it was raining so enjoy this recreation.

When we were in the air I pulled out a cheese platter I got at the airport after the FAs served economy plus passengers 2 snacks and a drink so I was snacking. While I was eating I was listening to WLR. I know you guys love that album. Here’s a screenshot of one of the songs

After that I played Mario kart and won ever race while playing as a mii that looked like Carti

Decent into STL

Landed in STL

To be honest STL sucked, nothing was really there, it’s a good thing i did not fly out of it because I flew to saint Louis to go on a Midwest aviation college road trip, and for the car needs here’s a photo of the car I had

I don’t know what kinda car it is but it sucked, chose to route me onto closed roads and it got confused every time I had to go on a detour and yeah, car sucked, but at least I got to go the the twa hotel with a runway view at the end of the trip so expect sum on that as well.

That’s all for this one, next one will be KPIT-KJFK, delta crj900 in premium economy but in a different layout

Mr Vamp out



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