Callsign In User Card Now Available

Callsign Now Available :world_flying:

Similar to the way the infinite Flight community works, you are now able to select a callsign that you will generally use in the flight simulator game of your choice. While we don’t offer flight simulator affiliation options, we do offer the option to place any callsign you use in there. We give the the option to do that as we know you will be responsible with it. If you would like any help or questions, please contact @CaptainZac. We have some very exciting things coming up, too and we are making changes for the better every day… Whether you see them or not. The way to customize the callsign is to go into your preferences, then to the profile section, find callsign… And there you go!




I’m excited about this.

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Zac will you be giving a hint about these exciting things?

Errr… no.

ug why do you have to build suspense? jkjk It’s fine.

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