American Airlines Expands From Fort Lauderdale

American Expands Flights From Fort Lauderdale

American, an Airline known to be based in Miami, providing connections to South America from North America has launched a major expansion from one of the neighboring cities in Miami, Fort Lauderdale. They did have a small present in Fort Lauderdale, with lights the main hubs like Charlotte, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Chicago. As of a few days ago, they just announced three more routes from Fort Lauderdale. They are as followed.

  • 2x daily from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles with A321neos
  • 2x daily from Fort Lauderdale to New York JFK with 737-800s
  • 2x daily from Fort Lauderdale to Boston with 737-800s

What’s very interesting to see is that they had originally had service from Los Angeles and New York both to Fort Lauderdale. It did happen years ago, but those rates were not profitable for them so it’s interesting to see them try again.

People of been pointing out the fact that these routes are likely or what they are because it’s going to compete with jetBlue’s new service from Miami. JetBlue from Miami is serving Newark, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. American will be serving those same routes from Fort Lauderdale except for Newark. It would not be a surprise for me to see American launch Newark services from Fort Lauderdale soon, as it is a high demand route and likely something that American will do to compete against jetBlue.

So now it’s going to come down to the battle of the price, well Americans expensive price but large loyalty keep them afloat in Fort Lauderdale, with the worse of the two product transcon…

Or will jetBlue compete with them and provide excellent service as they do in their mint class transcontinental?

It seems like only time will tell.


Amazing, beautiful and marvelous work by American but JetBlue is better.

Personally, I’m glad to have another option from my home airport, but why did it have to be American? It couldn’t have been United or anything?

I love Delta

Big thanks to American, I’m glad to have this option but… I would’ve preferred to be someone else because I’m not a big fan of American

Still waiting for them to launch AAE E145 service: MIA-FLL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You… like United more than American?

Delta is already scheduled to offer nonstop Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles flights soon, starting in March. This will likely compete with that

I hate hate hate American and United

100%. American sucks. That’s something that me and Zack both agree on. As much as I dump on United, they are my second favorite of the big 3

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I’ve actually never flown on American.

You are going to be banned banned banned by Zack

My flight with American was the absolute worst ever!

You should be proud of that. I have flown them three or four times. Regretfully.

Hmm, why?

Because his favorite airline is United

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Oof. I’ve flown United, Delta, JetBlue, Lufthansa, and Air France.

I fly United about 95% of the time, though. I will also never, ever, ever fly Air France again.

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El Al: Am i a joke to you


And yes, I understand you have not flown them but WHAT A TERRIBLE CEO. HASNT FLOWN WITH HIS AIRLINE SMHHHHH